Exploring Careers
in the Health Professions

Clinic Exploration Program - Thumbnail photo

Biology major Jessica Blanco always wanted to be a dentist. She has insight into the dentistry profession, but also wants to experience many of the other fields available. And she did, through the Clinic Exploration Program.

The Clinic Exploration Program (CEP), housed within the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences, offers students the opportunity to shadow medical professionals on the job in many of NSU’s medical and health clinics. Program participants gain a broad perspective that shows how various medical fields work together and a practical, up-close review of several medical career options.

All undergraduate students may take part in CEP, no matter what major they pursue. Each rotation lasts two hours per week, for three weeks. Because this is a volunteer program, member commitments are flexible and voluntary.

Who Can Participate

Any NSU undergraduate student in good standing who wants to participate in CEP must:

How to Enroll

Students are offered the opportunity to participate in CEP each semester. Registration for the program is open during the previous semester.

Participating Clinics