MSMS 6211 Genomics

(M) Masters
(OS) Halmos Coll of Nat Sci & Ocn
(OMES) OS - Marine & Environ Sciences
3 credits

The primary goal of this course is to introduce and describe the latest advances in molecular biology, genomics computational biotechnology, and their interrelationships through classroom and computer laboratory exercises. Discussions will also place these topics in a marine and evolutionary context. We will study the milestone discoveries, which led to the rise of genomics, characteristics of the wide spectrum of different genomes (prokaryotic, eukaryotic and organellar), innovative molecular techniques and computational tools used to study these genomes, and the impact of genomics on current biological issues and problems. (Description Last Updated: Fall 2017 (201820))

Learning Outcomes

    At the conclusion of this course the student will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate proficient library and computer skills in data gathering and analysis
  2. Analyze microbial and eukaryotic macromolecular sequences in the context of specific biological questions
  3. Navigate and apply diverse, modern genetic databases and software
  4. Apply current bioinformatics and genomics methods to current (marine) organismal systems and problems
  5. Prepare oral and written reports in an acceptable standard scientific format
  6. Understand some of the larger questions and issues within genomics and large scale data collection and analysis
  7. Learn to work and cooperate as part of an interdisciplinary team
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201820 22953 08/21 - 12/10/2017 Oceanographic Center Lopez, Jose
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