HONR 2000X Honors Seminar: Conspiracy Theories

(B) Bachelors
Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences
(UDEN) Farquhar - Dean's Office
3 credits

This course examines the role conspiracy theories have played in U.S. history from the inception of the Republic to the present day. At various times charges of conspiracies involving Masons, Jews, Slaves, Communists and Right Wing extremists (to name but a few) have played an integral role in U.S. history, while conspiracy theories involving U.F.O.s, presidential assassinations, and terrorist attacks have often taken deep root in the public imagination despite concerted efforts to refute them. This course will challenge students to think objectively and critically about these conspiracies (and the tendency towards paranoia in American politics) by analyzing them within the context of the passage of American history and the evolution of American democracy. Satisfies general education requirements in Humanities. Prerequisite: Honors students only. (Description Last Updated: Fall 2010 (201120))

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify major conspiracies in American history.
  2. Explain how these conspiracies relate to key moments in American history and to the nature of the American political system.
  3. Analyze the impact of specific conspiracies on American politics, culture and society.
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