HONR 2000U The Idea of the Hospital

(B) Bachelors
Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences
(UDEN) Farquhar - Dean's Office
3 credits

This course explores the hospital through a humanities perspective with an emphasis on literary, cultural, and historical documents. The course will also consider the role hospitals play as theme and background for literature and personal narratives. Satisfies general education requirements in Humanities. Prerequisite: Honors students only. (Description Last Updated: Winter 2010 (201030))

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify ways in which literature makes use of the hospital.
  2. Identify autobiographical narratives in which the hospital plays a role.
  3. Explore historical conceptions of the hospital and how they have influenced literary and personal narrative.
  4. Produce several written analyses and focused discussions in addition to a longer research project that demonstrates critical research and writing skills.
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