HONR 2000N Honors Seminar: The "F" Word: Feminism and Culture

(B) Bachelors
Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences
(UDEN) Farquhar - Dean's Office
3 credits

This course will examine the role of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd wave feminisms in women's cultural history. By exploring the social and political contexts of the struggle for equal rights for women, students will learn to separate the myths (images of feminism) from the reality (contributions of feminism) in the lived experience of women. Although it will focus primarily on American feminist history, the course will consider its European roots. Satisfies general education requirements in Humanities. Prerequisite: Honors students only. (Description Last Updated: Winter 2008 (200830))

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify the social and political contexts in which 1st wave, 2nd wave, and 3rd wave feminisms occurred.
  2. Explain the contributions of the feminist movement to women's economic, political and social progress.
  3. Distinguish between media distortions of feminism and the reality of its contributions and achievements.
  4. Identify the distinctions between the various feminisms.
  5. Identify the current and future role of "feminism" in a post feminist world.
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