HONR 2000C Honors Seminar: History of Economic Development

(B) Bachelors
Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences
(UDEN) Farquhar - Dean's Office
3 credits

This course will examine the history and evolution of economics as a basic human institution with emphasis on distinctions between growth and development. The challenge of sustainable development will be analyzed within the broader historical context of human rights, environmental consequences, and ideological goals and outcomes. Students will design and discuss alternative economic models for the future that emphasize sustainability. Satisfies general education requirement in humanities. Prerequisite: Honors students only. (Description Last Updated: Fall 2007 (200820))

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify and describe essential elements of economic systems in traditional and modern societies and the world views from which they derive.
  2. Identify historical forces that helped shape economic systems in the West.
  3. Identify distinctions between growth and development.
  4. Describe the challenge of sustainable development and the viability of alternative economic models in the 21st century.
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