ECN 2020H Principles of Microeconomics Honors

(B) Bachelors
Huizenga School of Business
(B-UG) HCBE - Undergraduate
3 credits

Microeconomics focuses on how market systems function as opposed to alternative economic systems. This course will investigate the factors which influence consumer choice and how consumers react to changes in the factors, the costs of production for the firm and production decisions for firms operating in various types of market structures, the impact of market structure on society, regulation and de-regulation of business, environmental issues and labor markets. This course is open to HONORS students only. Prerequisites: MATH 1040 or higher. (Description Last Updated: Fall 2014 (201520))

Learning Outcomes

  1. To understand how different societies and cultures determine the role of government in markets and how this decision making process influences the composition of output, the methods of production and distribution of income for different economic systems.
  2. To describe the factors that influence demand and supply and how changes in these factors influence the levels of output, employment and prices.
  3. To discuss the causes for the varying degrees of response by consumers and produces to price changes.
  4. To explain the theory of consumer behavior with its components of marginal utility, the law of diminishing marginal utility, and utility maximization.
  5. To comprehend the relationships among fixed, variable and marginal costs in the context of both short-run and long-run time horizons.
  6. To establish the parameters for perfect competition and use them as standards by which to judge monopoly, monopolistic competition and oligopoly.
  7. To analyze the global trend toward corporate mergers and takeovers and the implications of such activity.
  8. To discuss the role of technology and its impact on competition in product markets.
  9. To explain both the historical and modern roles of anti-trust policy
  10. To recognize the process for the determination of wage rates.
  11. To analyze the role of union's in the economy.
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