SCIE 3210 History of Science

(B) Bachelors
(OS) Halmos Coll of Nat Sci & Ocn
(OBIS) OS - Biological Sciences
3 credits

The course is a survey of science and scientists from ancient to modern times. The major advancements in life science, medicine, and oceanography will be discussed from the perspective and tenor of the times. Some original literature and autobiographies as well as historical reviews will be assigned and discussed. Prerequisite: BIOL 1040 or MBIO 1050 or higher. Frequency: Odd Year Fall. (Description Last Updated: Summer I 2016 (201650))

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the main landmarks of scientific discovery from ancient China, Egypt and Greece to contemporary times.
  2. Document how scientific thought developed through history.
  3. Discuss how scientific thought continues to affect contemporary society.
  4. Describe the work of scientists who contributed to the body of knowledge included in this course.
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201820 21860 10/17 - 12/05/2017 Ft Lauderdale/Davie Campus Feingold, Joshua
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