POLS 2300 International Relations

(B) Bachelors
(SS) Coll of Arts, Hum & Social Sci
(SHPS) CAHS - History & Political Sci
3 credits

This course will introduce students to various theories and concepts used by scholars in the field of international relations and demonstrate their practical application to understanding major issues in contemporary international politics such as war, globalization, international trade and finance, the role of international organizations, ethnic conflict and peacekeeping, proliferation of nuclear weapons, migration and poverty, and the role of international organizations and NGOs. Prerequisite: COMP 1500 or COMP 1500H. Frequency: Every Winter. (Description Last Updated: Fall 2016 (201720))

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify major theories and practices in international relations.
  2. Apply theories and practices to major issues in contemporary world politics.
  3. Explain the role of various state and non-state actors on the world stage.
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