MBIO 4261 Ecology of the Galápagos Islands Field Trip

(B) Bachelors
(OS) Halmos Coll of Nat Sci & Ocn
(OMES) OS - Marine & Environ Sciences
1 credits

This field course will provide direct experience with principles of evolutionary ecology that were introduced in MBIO 4260 in the unique setting of the Galapagos Islands. The course will include visits to the Charles Darwin Research Station and several sites in the Galapagos National Park on the island of Santa Cruz, and offer additional experiences on other islands of the archipelago. Prerequisite: MBIO 4260. Frequency: Odd Year Summer. (Description Last Updated: Fall 2016 (201720))

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain the historical context of the discovery, exploitation and scientific exploration of the Galápagos Islands.
  2. Observe and document the unique oceanographic setting that facilitates isolation and speciation.
  3. Utilize the scientific method, specifically formulating hypotheses from observations and testing them when possible.
  4. Experience and document the subtle environmental variations responsible for driving natural selection in the archipelago.
  5. Observe and document the distribution and behavior of insular flora and fauna.
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