MBIO 2500 Oceanography/Lab

(B) Bachelors
(OS) Halmos Coll of Nat Sci & Ocn
(OMES) OS - Marine & Environ Sciences
4 credits

This introductory course for the marine biology major will expose the student to more comprehensive principles of physical, chemical and geological oceanography, and functions as a complementary course to Marine Biology (MBIO 2410). Oceanographic sampling and laboratory analysis techniques will be covered. Prerequisite: BIOL 1510 or BIOL 1510H. Frequency: Every Winter. (Description Last Updated: Fall 2016 (201720))

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe how scientists have contributed to our understanding of oceanography through history.
  2. Explain applications of oceanography in ancient and modern societies.
  3. Document how physical, chemical, geological and biological processes relate to our understanding of oceanography.
  4. Describe how marine organisms are distributed and function in the ocean.
  5. Illustrate and identify the major currents of the world's oceans.
  6. Use the Internet to search and retrieve information about Oceanography.
  7. Produce laboratory reports that demonstrate an understanding of the scientific method, basic statistical analyses, and the ability to read and interpret data.
  8. Develop an aesthetic, literary and spiritual appreciation of the ocean.
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