MATH 2001 Introduction to Math Models in Biology I

(B) Bachelors
(OS) Halmos Coll of Nat Sci & Ocn
(OMAT) OS - Mathematics
3 credits

This course is designed for students with a mathematical background sufficient to take calculus and an interest in the biological sciences. Students will be introduced to the interplay of mathematical modeling and biology; as well as an introduction to a broad mathematical tool chest. Topics include linear and nonlinear difference equations and matrix algebra. The Matlab? computer software program will be used in this course. Prerequisite: Challenge examination or MATH 1200. Frequency: Upon Request. (Description Last Updated: Summer I 2016 (201650))

Learning Outcomes

  1. describe phenomena in population ecology and infectious disease modeling in mathematical terms;
  2. perform analysis appropriate for the model developed;
  3. explain and interpret the results of the model for application to the original biological problem;
  4. illustrate the models through computer experimentation;
  5. produce a scholarly presentation of the successful interaction of mathematics and biology beyond those presented in the course.
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Current Course Offerings
201730 35010 Class Full 01/09 - 05/07/2017 Ft Lauderdale/Davie Campus Haskell, Evan
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No courses currently scheduled
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