CARM 6140 Facilitation Theory and Practice

(M) Masters
(SS) Coll of Arts, Hum & Social Sci
(SCRS) CAHS-Conflict Resolution
3 credits

This course develops students' skills in working with groups. It incorporates theories and models of group dynamics, facilitation, and group development, as well as workshop development and delivery. This course uses a practice-based approach, including role plays and workshop presentations. Prerequisites: CARD 5040 or CARM 5040. (Description Last Updated: Summer I 2013 (201350))

Learning Outcomes

    Facilitation Theory and Practice
  1. Facilitate in role play situations, using appropriate skills, methods, and approaches.
  2. Explore the primary obstacles to communication in group problem-solving settings;
  3. Examine the role of the facilitation process in managing conflict among individuals in a group problem-solving setting;
  4. Identify attitudes, skills, and styles desirable for the third-party facilitator role;
  5. Experience selected consensus methodologies for managing group communication;
  6. Analyze, compare and apply premises, theories, and models of facilitation.
  7. Design, analyze and critique facilitation session incorporating the theories, models, approaches, skills, issues, and research presented in the course.
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