CARD 5000 Foundations and Development of Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies

(D) Doctoral
(SS) Coll of Arts, Hum & Social Sci
(SCRS) CAHS-Conflict Resolution
3 credits

This course outlines the substantive themes, history, origins, contexts, and philosophical foundations of conflict resolutions, healing, peacemaking, and problem solving. Students will examine levels of interventions and processes in the field of conflict resolution. (Description Last Updated: Fall 2007 (200820))

Learning Outcomes

    Learning Objectives:
  1. Students will understand the history, origins, and integral aspects of the field of conflict analysis and resolution.
  2. Students will understand the nature, structures, and types of social conflict.
  3. Students will understand conflict dynamics, behaviors, and interactions.
  4. Students will understand and apply models for conflict analysis.
  5. Students will understand approaches and models for conflict management.
  6. Students will understand ethical considerations in the profession of conflict analysis and resolution.
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201820 20842 08/21 - 12/03/2017 On-line Course Duckworth, Cheryl
201820 20730 08/21 - 12/03/2017 Ft Lauderdale/Davie Campus Amisi, Bertha
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