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The paralegal studies minor at the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences is designed to expose students to the most common areas of law encountered in a legal and business context. The minor is not designed to encompass the entire range of skills needed in the paralegal profession. It is not a program for training paralegals and is not approved by the American Bar Association. The minor is an enhancement for those students pursuing other law-related careers or business careers and who desire to understand the federal and state legal systems to broaden their legal knowledge and skills. This minor can be combined with any major and minor except the paralegal studies major and paralegal studies post-baccalaureate certificate.

Paralegal Studies Minor Requirements (18 credits)

LEGS courses offered online require proctored exams at approved sites.

Core Courses (6 credits)
LEGS 1150 Introduction to Law and the Legal Profession (3 credits)
LEGS 2100 Legal Research and Writing (3 credits)

Minor Electives (12 credits)
Select 12 credits from the following courses:
LEGS 3050 Criminal Law and Procedure (3 credits)
LEGS 3260 Real Estate Practice I (3 credits)
LEGS 3300 Torts and Civil Litigation (3 credits)
LEGS 3360 Wills, Trusts, and Estates I (3 credits)
LEGS 3400 Business Relations and Organizations (3 credits)
LEGS 3550 Family Law (3 credits)

The academic program and curriculum requirements listed on this page are from the 2014-2015 edition of the NSU Undergraduate Student Catalog. Students are bound by policies and curricula published in the catalog in effect the semester they enter the university, unless an agreement is made with appropriate NSU administration officials allowing them to abide by policies published in a later catalog.