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Academic Advising—How to Register

New Students

All students new to NSU (freshmen and transfer students) must register for their first-semester classes with their academic advisor prior to attending orientation.

All new students are assigned course placements for Mathematics and Composition based on standardized test scores and/or transfer credit. Students may take challenge/placement exams to demonstrate a higher level of proficiency in the following areas: composition, mathematics, Spanish, technology.

Additionally, prior to earning 24 credits, students may be awarded academic credit for successful completion of College Level Entrance Exams (CLEP), DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST), or NYU Language Exams.

Students should consult with their academic advisors if interested in any of these options.

Step 1: Make an appointment with your academic advisor. These appointments may be conducted in-person or by phone.
Step 2: Participate in the Pre-Enrollment Seminar.
Step 3: Determine the appropriate courses for your first term.
Step 4: Determine which challenge/placement exams you are going to take, if any. Schedule and complete those exams (only once each) prior to the start of the first semester at NSU.
Step 5: Check your NSU account.
Step 6: Register for classes.

If your appointment is by phone, your registration will be confirmed via NSU Email.

Continuing Students

Continuing students can complete their registration online (via SharkLink) or with an academic advisor.

Registration for classes each semester is the student's responsibility. Registration takes place three times each year, prior to each new semester. For exact dates, please review the current calendar.


Semester Dates

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Tools Needed to Plan a Schedule
Steps to Follow

Academic advisors are available year-round. Please utilize this resource to understand your academic requirements and fulfill your personal responsibility for enrolling in the appropriate classes in the correct sequence.