Software Engineering Major
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Software Engineering Major
Bachelor of Science

The software engineering major at the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences prepares responsible, well-rounded graduates who understand critical aspects of software engineering and their ethical impacts on society.

Software Engineering Major Brochure

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The curriculum provides students with a broad understanding of current and evolving technologies in diverse specialty fields including software engineering, computer network systems operations, and computer programming languages. The program prepares students to serve the community, the state of Florida, and the world by training and educating engineers with advanced theoretical and hands-on skills. Students learn how to solve complex engineering problems through innovative ideas, critical thinking, and cutting-edge research in disciplines related to software engineering. The program aims to provide—through excellence in teaching, experiential learning, service, and scholarship—a comprehensive and dynamic course of study for students interested in computer-oriented technologies.

The software engineering major is offered during the day on NSU's main campus.