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Sociology Major
Bachelor of Science

The sociology major at the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences focuses on the study of the interactive dynamics of social institutions, organizations, and everyday life. Sociologists combine humanistic and scientific perspectives to study urban and rural life, family patterns, social change, health care and illness, crime and violence, social class, technology and communications, social movements, and many other social issues and problems.

Sociology Major Brochure


Sociology is the systematic study of human behavior in social context. It focuses on the study of human society and social interaction. The discipline examines how humans group ourselves (families, social groups, formal organizations, societies), how humans behave in groups (collective action, social change, crime, and delinquency), and how characteristics like age, race, social class, and gender affect relationships with one other, organizations, and institutions.

The sociology major is offered during the day and evening on NSU's main campus.